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Financial audit

ДДС при неплатени фактури

SV Smart Consult performs a full range of auditing services in accordance with national legislation and International Auditing Standards.

Our team will study your business in detail and offer you concrete, practical solutions for improving its financial reporting.

Our specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s financial operations and processes, and as a result, they will offer you specific and practical solutions to improve reporting and risk management. With our years of experience and professionalism, we are ready to be your reliable partner in the fields of auditing and financial analysis.

As our customer, you will receive:

  • Independent financial audit of individual, consolidated, annual and interim financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and national accounting standards.
  • Audit of reports on projects financed by European Union programs
  • Audit of projects financed by international financial institutions, foundations, non-governmental organizations and other funding sources
  • Audit with special purposes (of specific sites, reports, control and accounting systems, of conditions under contracts)
  • Internal audit on behalf of the client and monitoring of the internal control system
  • Risk analysis and providing management guidance
  • Consulting services in the field of financial reporting


We guarantee that as our client you will receive special treatment, as we approach each individual problem with the necessary attention and understanding. You can rest assured that your company’s accounting services are entrusted to a team of excellent specialists ready to respond to your every need.

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